To protect the ocean and the life within it, through education, research and management, so that our children and theirs will continue to have access to this source of richness and beauty that sustains us today.
ReefWatch Marine Conservation is a non-profit Organization established in 1993, as a Public Charitable Trust under the Societies Registration Act. Reefwatch is involved in research, education and outreach activities. These have included coral reef monitoring in the Lakshadweep and Andaman & Nicobar Islands, documentary films, beach clean ups in Mumbai, SCUBA training for scientists and education programs in schools across the country.
ReefWatch has served as a Member of the National Board for Wildlife (Government of India) since May 2007. ReefWatch has had the privilege of working with many dedicated and inspiring individuals in the fields of science, government, filmmaking, photography and the media.
Its efforts are targeted towards protecting and nurturing the diversity of life in India's coastal and marine environments.
  • Developing and conducting programs that introduce the youth of the nation to the wonders of the marine world and anthropogenic pressures upon the aquatic ecosystem, through hands on underwater experiences as well as classroom sessions.
  • Empowering the youth with the knowledge, training and avenues for change to a better, bluer, planet.
  • Creating multimedia content to raise awareness amongst the public.
  • Workshops for tour operators in critical marine areas to inspire better practices amongst tourists.
  • Conduct, fund and facilitate targeted research towards increasing our understanding and effectiveness of conservation methods in the marine sphere.
  • Improving the current capacities of research facilities and efforts in the islands of India by collaborating with foreign scientific institutions.
  • Providing support and advocacy to the concerned ministries of the Government of India and local authorities towards creating more effective policy and implementation methods for the preservation of marine areas and organisms.
ReefWatch's strategy for the conservation of our marine spaces is simple. We must first know our ocean, and then use this knowledge and ensuing enthusiasm to inform sustainable management. Thus under a refreshed team and management, ReefWatch aims to fulfill three objectives, education, research and management, in a phased order:
Phase One
focuses on education & awareness building:
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Phase Two
will incorporate scientific research into the fold of ReefWatch activities:
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Phase three
will involve a strengthening of ReefWatch's advisory and support role with governmental and regulatory bodies by:
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