Plastic free in three:
This project aims to make the Andaman & Nicobar Islands plastic free in 3 years, tackling one of the largest problems arising from the burgeoning tourism industry. Despite receiving more than 300,000 tourists in 2015 alone, the islands have very little infrastructure to tackle the problem of waste management. The islands have no recycling facilities and very limited municipal garbage collection, leading to many of the tourist hotspots becoming eyesores. The plastic problem also has adverse effects on the health of the marine ecosystems, stifling corals, suffocating turtles, sea birds, dolphins and entering the marine food chain leading to humans at the top.

With this project, we seek to find long-term solutions for the plastic problem on the islands in a 3-stage process:

     Year 1: Reducing littering
     Year 2: Reducing the sources of litter
     Year 3: Working with the Administration for policy change