Reefwatch Has Been Involved In Many Projects Over The Years, From Education
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Highlighted here are snapshots of three projects ReefWatch has been a part of.
This documentary tells the story of the troubled reefs of Lakshadweep, and won the prestigious Vatavaran Film Festival award in 2003. It was shot by ReefWatch Board member Sumer Verma and produced by ReefWatch
Education, we believe, is one of the key components of changing people's interaction with the ocean and creating an ethic of care and conservation that is essential for marine protection. Rather than restricting education to the classroom though, we think lasting lessons are learnt when the students's own interest is piqued, their ideas challenged and they experience something entirely new.
ReefWatch has conducted programs for many schools in mainland India, to introduce the youth to some of the most beautiful parts of our ocean – the Lakshadweep and Andaman Islands. We conduct snorkeling or SCUBA Diving sessions along with ecosystem studies of coral reefs, mangrove forests and rocky intertidal areas.
This is one of our most important projects, and remains ongoing.
Please click here to download our School Program Concept & Itinerary if you are interested in taking part.
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