EVERY LITTLE HELPS – small changes for big ones
Volunteering with ReefWatch is very fulfilling, fun and
rewarding. By giving your time and talents, you are making
a huge difference to the way the ocean is protected in
We have a small group of passionate people in the core
team, and our work is richer for the efforts put in by our
volunteers. You do not have to be a marine scientist to help
– we welcome people from the fields of law, media, design,
film, finance and pretty much any ocean lover with time to
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and contact us to discuss possibilities for you.
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We strive towards an India where the oceans are a part of our consciousness, and the diversity of life within it are nurtured and protected.
Your time and money are essential to the success of our vision. If it is one that you share too, we ask you to please donate.
You may donate towards a specific project if you wish, or leave it to us to best allocate your donation towards the projects that require it most.
We encourage you to join our ReefWatch Membership program by becoming a regular supporter, contributing anything from Rs. 2500 per month
and thus making an important contribution to our work. We invite all our members to attend our bi-annual meetings to bring new issues into focus.
All donors and members will receive newsletters every two months to keep you updated about the status of our projects and informed about the fruits
of your generosity. You will also receive an annual calendar, and a 10% discount on our merchandise.
We rely on the support of ocean lovers across India. With the financial and moral contribution from individuals and institutions around India and the world, ReefWatch has the financial capacity and public mandate to advocate for our precious oceans.
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