Since Marine Megafauna come under the ambit of Schedule I Protected Species according to the Wildlife Protection Act (1972), our work goes hand-in-hand with the Forest Department. All cases are tended to with the permission and support of the Goa Forest Department. Every month, post mortem reports are shared with the Goa Forest Department. In June 2023, we conducted a workshop for the Goa Forest Department Personnel on Marine strandings and handling techniques, the first of a series of workshops we intend to hold with relevant stakeholders.


Through our experience of providing veterinary care to sea turtles, we have found that many appear to be resistant to standard antibiotics. This may be indicative of a much larger issue of the effects of effluents (from industries, aquaculture, agriculture and sewage) on marine life. To gain a better understanding of this, we have initiated a research project to look at the antibiotic resistance of bacteria present in the digestive and respiratory tracts of these animals. The results of this project can also inform the course of veterinary action, serving an added benefit in real time for the treatment of our sea turtles.

An important part of our work involves providing support and advocacy to the concerned local authorities towards creating more effective policy and implementation methods for the preservation of marine areas and organisms. This involves creating platforms for various groups of stakeholders to become involved in the management and conservation of essential marine and coastal ecosystems at the community level.