We strive towards a world where the oceans are a part of our consciousness, and the diversity of life within it are nurtured and protected. Education is one of the key components of changing people’s interaction with the ocean and creating the ethic of care and conservation. Rather than restricting education to the classroom, we think lasting lessons are learnt when the student’s own interest in the matter is piqued, their ideas are challenged and they experience something entirely new.
To this end, we have education modules that include theoretical concepts of Biological and Ecologicalstudies integrated with SCUBA training and time spent in marine environment and related ecosystems. Contact Us to find out more about how you can bring your school or group to our base in the Andaman islands or Karnataka for such an excursion.



Hear from Nayantara, our Executive Director,
on why India should be exploring the oceans

Watch this short film about our oceans produced by the ReefWatch team with breathtaking footage by Sumer Verma


Plastics in our oceans
Travel sustainably
How to report a Stranding
Past Initiatives
Straws suck the life out of our oceans
More plastics than fish in our oceans
Fish and Invertebrates identification


As a part of our Marine Megafauna strandings project, we are trying to collect as much data as possible on marine strandings
that occur along the coastlines of Goa and Karnataka. If anyone has seen a stranded animal, please report it here.
The information you share will be verified by our team and added to our database. Our database is openly accessible
to any researcher, educator and anyone else to whom it may be relevant.